THE WATER RATS, 328 Gray’s Inn Rd., Kings Cross, London, UK, WC1X 8BZ

Venue: 020 7833 3312


Queries: Nicholas /


Front of House

4 x d&b Q10 flown two per side of stage

4 x d&b Q Subs stacked two per side of stage

2 x d&b D12 amplifiers



4 x EAW SM500 Wedge Monitors configured on four separate mixes.

2 x QSC PLX3102 Power Amplifiers



– Yamaha QL5 32 Channel Digital Mixing Console

– Downloadable Console Patch


Microphones and Di’s

6 x Shure SM58

6 x Shure SM57

4 x Sennheisser E604

3 x AKG C451

1 x Shure Beta 52

1 x Shure Beta 91A

6 x BSS AR133 DI (mono)

6 x Short Boom Stands

7 x Tall Boom Stands

5 x Straight Mic Stands

36 x XLR cables (varying lengths)


Stage / Satellite Boxes

1 x  32/8 Proel EBN 3208;

1x Van Damme 20in/4out upstage

1x van Damme 8in downstage

1 x 8 way f-m XLR loom



Backline (if required)

1 x Pearl Export Drum kit

– kick drum (22”), floor tom (16”), 2 rack toms (13”+12”), 3 cymbal stands (2 crash, 1 ride), hi-hat stand, snare stand, stool.   Drum carpet provided.  Minus breakables: drummers must supply their snare drum, cymbals, kick pedal and clutch.

1 x Fender Blues Deluxe Combo

1 x Orange PPC112 Guitar Cabinet

1 x Orange TH30H Guitar Head

1 x Ampeg PF-500 Bass Head

1 x Ampeg PF 210 HE Bass Cabinet


2x keyboard stand (short and tall) + 3 x music stands
*Please note that the backline spec can be subject to last minute change*



2 x Pioneer CDJ-2000

Numark DM1835x 4 channel DJ Mixer





Showcad Artist with M-audio midi controller Oxygen 25


FOH 4x LED pars
1x 100w warm white LED Fresnel
1x 40w daylight LED Fresnel

6x LED pars + 1x backdrop wash par

1x Star Cluster Laser

Club lights:  3x Solar 250s

Mirrorball with 3x LED pinspots

Mid bar Lanta Neptune tumblers

Back bar Lanta Fireball quad 56 LED pars


Merchandise light



2500 lumen video projector. VGA RCA and standard HDMI connectivity

Kodak Sav 2050 slide projector



8 x 6 foot (width x drop).



Stage dimensions

6.5m x 3.5m x 0.5m

Minus 1sq m corners cutaway at front left and front right sides creating a pronounced front of stage effect.


Backstage Room



200 people standing

100 people tiered seating (theatre style)

60 people table and chair seating (cabaret style)